Things That Happen On Halloween


Jasmine Cabrera, Staff Writer

Clown Attack

On the previous year, Andrew Andujo (10) and his family hosted a halloween-themed party. On a whim, Andrew and his cousins decided to walk down the streets. For a random gag, his older cousin decided to chase them around the block in his clown costume. It turns out they weren’t the only ones there, as they spotted some random guy running away. He must have not liked clowns.


A night that was meant to end up with countless amounts of candy took a boring turn.

Senior, Sabrina Cano, was meant to go trick or treating, but ended up on candy duty, where she had to watch the trick-or-treaters with their tempting buckets of treats.

Cano had finished giving out all the candies a while ago and was about to retreat for the rest of the night, when she heard a creepy noise coming from the front door.She walked over to the door to open it, yet when she opened it no one was there.

As she was about to close it, a little girl in a lion costume popped out and freaked her out. Startled she slammed the door on the girl’s face as the little lion walked away crying.

Chainsaw Killer on the Loose

It was a Halloween night when sophomore, Clarissa Torres, and her cousin went trick-or-treating on a dead-end street. As they approached the first house on the block, a man wearing a pig mask who was holding a chainsaw appeared out of no-where! He chased them relentlessly.

In order to escape the pig-masked maniac, they ran towards the nearest car and hid behind it. They waited a few minutes for him to leave.  

At last, he stopped looking for them and walked away in search of his next victims.

“In the moment, lots of adrenaline was kicking in, but overall it was a fun scare,” recalls Torres.

Horror Maze Gone Wrong

Last Halloween was a shocking experience for Hariana Herrera (12) and her group of friends. They had decided to go to a horror maze for a thrilling experience.

Immediately after entering, a performer jumped from the side, one of her friends was so spooked that she punched them. Moments later, another performer pops out and her other friend kicked them.

“As we were nearing the exit of the maze, my friends just pushed me out of the way! They ran out of the maze as fast as they can, ” Herrera remarks.