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University of La Verne Offers Guaranteed Acceptance To Bassett Students

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University of La Verne Offers Guaranteed Acceptance To Bassett Students

Bianca Salcedo, Advertisment/Staff Writer

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Do Bassett students now have their path made? Bassett Unified School District, along with 11 other local school districts, have partnered with the Partnership for Access to College Education (PACE) to guarantee acceptance into University of La Verne. PACE is a helpful scholastic program established by ULV that aims to helps students reach a higher level of education, especially those in middle- and low-income areas. Prior to Bassett USD joining the partnership, University of La Verne already had a partnership through the PACE program with a dozen other public school districts and one private when it started in January. The district became a new addition when Bassett Unified’s Superintendent Debra French and University of La Verne President Devorah A. Lieberman both signed the PACE agreement on July 20 guaranteeing acceptance to all Bassett sudents who meet the minimum requirements. Students applying for the program must have a 3.0 GPA in grades 9-11, an SAT score of 980 or higher, or ACT composite score of 18, graduate from high school with full credits, and the applicant must have been living in the school district for at least four continuous years. If students meet these requirements, they are guaranteed a waiver on their application fees, a range of programs to assist with college readiness and the application process, and a $10,000 scholarship that is renewable for 4 years. The University’s tuition per year is $38,560 as of 2016. Senior Erika Vazquez was pleasantly surprised when she heard of the news. “No way! University of La Verne was one of my top three choices of schools I wanted to apply to. I feel like that’s a really huge help to other students that have already thought of their economic struggles when applying to universities.” Bassett Unified’s Interim Superintendant, Debra French (left) with University La Verne President, Deborah A. Lieberman (right) after signing the Partnership for Access to College Education agreement, which aims to ensure Bassett Unified students have access to a first-rate, affordable college education. Senior Yamile Rios said, “I would consider going to La Verne because I have the perfect GPA and SAT score for La Verne and I think the benefits are really cool.” The way to apply for the program is either through the Common Application, available online, or through an in-house application which can be downloaded through the La Verne website.

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University of La Verne Offers Guaranteed Acceptance To Bassett Students