Welcome The New Schedule

Tillie Cortez, Sports Copy Editor/Staff Writer

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The new schedule this year is extremely confusing to both students and teachers. Personally, I prefer last years blocked scheduling as opposed to this years “block schedule,” if you would even consider it a blocked schedule. For the past three years our schools scheduling of classes has changed frequently. In 2015, we had a regular schedule of six periods each day, an hour each period except Monday being late start making the period shorter. In 2016 our school decided to change to a blocked scheduled school year, where the students saw three periods each day for two hours, and late start was moved to Wednesday. This year it is basically a mixture of both. Regular schedule is on Monday/Tuesday, and Wednesday/Thursday we see all periods except on Wednesday periods one/three/five are longer than two/four/six and vice versa for Thursday. As for Friday, it was changed to late start. Math teacher, Ms. Peraza says, “I like it. I like seeing students every day, but at the same time I like seeing students every other day to focus on the subject at hand.” Not only Ms. Peraza had this concern, most teachers liked the idea of spending two hours with their students because they felt that it was easier to get through more lessons in a day, and explain each topic more thoroughly. With last year’s block schedule there was more being done. It was a good schedule, but with every good thing comes a bad. There was too much time to spare, leaving some days feeling like a drag if there was not anything to do. This year’s schedule is not as bad as it seems. I think the biggest issue is just getting used to the different times for each day. Senior, Samanta Santandar exclaims, Although it’s very confusing, it has its perks. Students no longer have to start off their day rushing to get ready on Friday, as well as the day goes by quickly whereas we are able to embrace the weekend more fondly. Friday is not the only thing that happens to pass in a flash; the days throughout the week seem to fly past as well. “I like it. I do not get bored in class because we are actually learning. It makes the days go by faster,” says 12th grader Salvador Jimenez. It’s true. The days seem to pass fast, making the week feel like a breeze. Overall most students and teachers prefer the new schedule as compared to the old, or in most cases do not mind the change.