Worst Things I Did Due to Lack of Sleep


Jasmine Cabrera, Staff Writer

What are the worst things you can do due to lack of sleep: leave the house without your pants on, flunk a test, bad morning hair, or embarrass yourself in front of your crush. Well these are the worst things our Olys did when they had zero sleep: “I said I was doing drugs, ‘5 years of meth’, when I really meant math. This was in Pre-Calculus.” – Jennifer Huerta (12) “I yell at inanimate objects or animals. This one time I was walking down the sidewalk and there was a pigeon, so I commenced a duel, “What, pigeon? Do you own the sidewalk?” – Jennifer Ascencion (12) “I talked back at my mom and you know the rest…” – Roman Salazar (11) “I threw trash in the sink and my plate in the trash.” – Stephanie Garcia (11) “One time, I was too lazy to brush my teeth and I decided to put toothpaste into my chocolate cereal to save me time, so my breath can be minty fresh.” – Cynthia Castro “I slept in Ms. Naluis’s class and missed the entire lesson. I didn’t know what was going on.” – Rogelio Huerta (11) “I tend to go off on someone like if they’re blocking the hallway or in line and I say ‘excuse me’, but they just won’t move out of the way.” -Ana Lua Martel (12) “I cussed at my mom and told her to ‘f- off’ and told a teacher to shut up.” – Armando Rojas(10)