Fifa Scores the Goal


Ricardo Lira Martinez, Staff Writer

 Authentic scenery, realistic game faces, and many never-before seen features. These are only the few of the new additions that EA’s new installation of FIFA 18 will have. With the request of more updates from fans around the world, EA has finally decided to listen and make noticeable changes to this year’s game. The demo has been an excellent example to what players can expect when it released in September.
EA has listened to the community and made modifications and features to new and old stadiums. Four new stadiums that will be added are Wanda Metropolitano, StubHub Center, The Amex Stadium, and Kirklees Stadium. Along with this, modifications will be made to current stadiums. Gigantic banners, intense fan whistling, along with realistic crowd faces, just to name a few, will make the matches feel like if you were in the stadium with the crowd.
This increases the realism in league matches.
The finer details especially give the matches an unparalleled realism. Such details are the incorporation to how certain players, like Cristiano Ronaldo, movement is. No more are the generic running animations for important players. Every major player known in the footballing world will have his or her own signature style or celebration. As mentioned earlier Ronaldo, as other players, will have certain characteristics that other players do not. Such an example is that when Ronaldo celebrates the player will have an option to choose what celebration he does, such as his infamous pose in his performance in last year’s Champions league match against Atletico Madrid.
FIFA 18 and compared to FIFA 17, feels more immersive and realistic. The player movements seem real.
The crowds chant, applause, boo, and whistle which helps distinguish if you are in a hostile environment. However, not all is positive though as still many iconic aspects of FIFA are being left out, such as famous players and more, but the game is still very enjoyable.
Overall, this year’s FIFA game will be, like last year’s, worth the wait and $60.