Free Community College for Everyone… for the first year, at least

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Free Community College for Everyone… for the first year, at least

Charles Dean, Web Editor/ Occasional Writer

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In an effort to make community college accessible for students, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 19 into law on Friday October 23, 2017. The bill promises to waive tuition for first-year community college students.
Students must apply to get their fees waived and take at least 12 units a semester.

The new legislation expands the waiver to all students, regardless of their income, for their first year. An additional 19,000 students would qualify, according to an estimate from the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, costing the state $31.1 million a year. The number could be higher if more students decide to go to community college because of the new waiver.

“One of the ironies people don’t realize is that community college used to be free,” Brianna Aguirre (12) said. “So this is a return to what we once had.”

Free college will not be completely free for students due to additional fees that might be charged by a given college for things like activity fees, transportation fees, and other expenses other than tuition that should be expected at admission

Senior, Oscar Castaneda stated, “Wow, community college being free for the first year really does help me decide what I want to pursue as my career. I wonder why this wasn’t a thing before.”


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