The Best Slasher Scenes

The Best Slasher Scenes

Summer Martinez, Staff Writer

Best Slasher Scenes

Halloween is a well loved holiday, and to keep the Halloween spirit alive, listed below are some of the best slasher scenes from classic horror movies.

Fair warning there are some spoilers.

Beware of Unexpected Guests

In this famous scene from Psycho, Marion begins to take a shower. An ominous shadow begins to watch her through the shower curtain. The shadow then suddenly pulls back the curtain and stabs Marion repeatedly. Unable to defend or protect herself, all Marion is able to do is scream. As Marion is slowly sliding to the floor the figure walks back out of the room, leaving her for dead. With all of her remaining strength Marion tries to get up, using the shower curtain as support, but it was unable to support her weight and gets pulled down. The scene ends with her bleeding out in the tub with her blood mixing with the water going down the drain.

Should’ve Listened to the Kid

In this scene from Child’s Play 2, Andy had been taken by social workers and is in protected custodies. Chucky forces Kyle, Andy’s step-sister, to bring him to visit Andy. The social worker takes both Andy and Kyle into her office, furious that Kyle brought the toy that is the cause of Andy’s distress. She forcefully takes Chucky from Kyle and once she does he stabs her several times with a knife. She drops him and falls face first against a copy machine forever immortalizing her face upon death. Kyle tries to run away with Andy in tow but Chucky closes the door just behind her, preventing Andy’s escape.

Do You Like Scary Movies?

The opening scene from Scream has Drew Barrymore alone in her house when the phone begins to ring. When Drew answers it she hears an unknown male’s voice. She hangs up after telling him that he called the wrong number. After he calls several more times, each time getting more and more aggressive, she begins to panic and runs around the house to make sure that it is secured. She threatens to call the cops but he tells her that they will never make it in time and so she drops the phone out of fear. She grabs a knife for defense and tries to escape through the back door. Ghostface sees her and breaks a window to get to her. He stabs her in the chest and throat, unable to scream or make a sound she is unable to get the attention of her parents who just pulled in and walked into the house. While trying to call for help Ghostface stabs her several more times, killing her.

The Unseen is Often Feared

This scene from Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, has Julie trying to keep Dylan awake after the nurses gave him some medicine to help him sleep. Dylan then sees Freddie stand up behind Julie and tries in vain to warn her, but she doesn’t see anything. Freddie then persists to stab Julie through the back with his razor-clawed hand, lifting her off the ground. Struggling to break free, Julie is pulled upwards to the ceiling leaving a trail of blood behind her. Once on the ceiling, Freddie then drops the now dead Julie to the ground.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

             In this graphic scene from Friday the 13th, we find out that the real killer is Mrs. Voorhees, Jason’s mother. Mrs. Voorhees happens to come across one of the surviving counselors waiting by a boat and begins to attack her.The counselor tries to defend herself from Mrs Voorhees and begins to fight along the shore of the beach. During the scuffle the counselor is able to pick up the machete that Mrs. Voorhees had been using and uses it against her, slicing her head clean off.

Always Be aware of Your Surroundings

In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Mia gets in the car and begins to drive off. Driving for help, Mia comes across a few cops standing in the middle of the road. Before she gets the chance to scream for help, Leatherface pops up from the backseat from her car and stabs her through the back of her seat with a chainsaw. Dying almost immediately, Mia’s car crashes into the cop on the side of the road resulting in their deaths as well. After checking if Mia is truly dead, Leatherface exits the car.  It ends with Leatherface walking slowly down the road off into the distance.

Brotherly Love

            Halloween opens to Michael Myers’ house on Halloween night. Michael is watching his oldest sister fool around with her boyfriend from the outside window. Once his sister, Judith, and her boyfriend go upstairs six year old Michael enters through the backdoor. Going through the kitchen he gets a large butcher knife and as he approaches the stairs, Judith’s boyfriend goes down them. Six year old Michael walks into the upstairs hallway and finds the clown mask that goes with his costume and puts it on. Once the mask is on, he walks into Judith’s bedroom and sees her clothes scattered throughout her room. He then turns to find his sister naked and brushing her hair. When Judith notices his presence and yells at him he begins to stab her repeatedly. The scene ends with Michael exiting his home and as his parents pull up, they find him holding the bloody knife.

Be Careful What You Wish For

The Leprechaun series was known for their comedy aspect but in this scene from Leprechaun 2, it also takes on a gruesome tone. The scene where Morty is trying to get three wishes from the Leprechaun so Morty locks the Leprechaun in a giant iron safe. Morty’s first wish was for Leprechaun’s pot of gold. Always the cunning one, Leprechaun grants his wish but with a loophole, he implants the gold within Morty’s stomach. Morty then begs for the Leprechaun to remove the gold from within him but Leprechaun tells him that he will have to wish for him to come out of the safe. Morty wishes for the Leprechaun free, upon being freed from the safe Leprechaun tells Morty that he should not have been so greedy. Morty uses his last wish for the Leprechaun to remove the gold from his stomach. Leprechauns grants his wish by using his long gruesome nails to gauge a gaping hole in Morty’s stomach, slicing it completely open. The Leprechaun then removes the pot of gold from his stomach and Morty breaths his last.

Sometimes Dead is Better

In this scene from Pet Sematary, the friendly neighbor Jud is asking reanimated Gage to come out from hiding. Jud knows that Gage is something darker now that he has returned and plans to kill him. Searching throughout the room for Gage, Jud suddenly gets distracted with the cat. As Jud is distracted, Gage reaches his hand out from under the bed and slashes Jud’s heel open with a scalpel. When Jud falls over, Gage comes out from underneath the bed and uses the scalpel to slice open Jud’s mouth. Gage then uses his teeth to tear open a gaping hole in Jud’s throat.