The Bros. Are Back with Mario and Luigi:Superstar Saga

Janette Gutierrez, Staff Writer

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 Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga + Bowser’s Minions. is one of the newest Mario Series release from Nintendo. Super Star Saga was introduced for the Gameboy Advanced, but is now being introduced to a new audience with the 3DS The game is being brought back with brand new features, and brand new graphics, but is keeping eveything that people enjoyed in the original game.
The Mario RPGS became popular in 2003 with Superstar Saga, then expanded with more games like Partners in Time, Bowser’s Inside Story, Dream Team, and Paper Jam. It has been popular for its creativeness and that they are more fun loving. It even inspired other Mario
RPGs, such Super Paper Mario and its many sequels.
The storyline is  similar to the Game boy version; a witch steals Princess Peach’s and the Mario Bros. have to get her voice back. Bowser helps out along the way and the bros. have to travel to the neighboring kingdom called the BeanBean kingdom to get Peach’s voice back.
“I am glad the RPGs are back because these games have humor, lots of great characters, and the gameplay is just like the one with the Gameboy.” –  Illana Goyta (9)
    The gameplay, however has been revamped. Overall, it has been updated to make the game more fluid with fast and easy shortcuts. Then there is Bowser’s Minions, which can be unlocked after playing Superstar Saga for five hours. This new addition will make the turn based combat even more hectic, but more importantly, more fun.
My final thoughts on this game is hope lots of people really enjoy it. The game is sure to be a fun experience for anyone. New and old ones will enjoy it, especially old fans, since the game is sure to be full of nostalgia. We should be happy that the Mario RPGs, are back, they are so much fun and great to play.
You Can’t Escape This New LA Trend by Ariel Mora
    Afraid of confined spaces? Escape rooms would be your worst nightmare. As a growing form of entertainment around the world, escape rooms are a congenial way for team-building and communication exercises. There are a variety of rooms to choose from categorized by difficulty and theme. Only the brave and insane would pay $40 to attempt an escape from a mysterious daycare from 1919. Mental as we are, my friends and I embarked on a mission to escape our fears.
Upon entering the dimly lit room, we notice the eerie atmosphere that awaits us. Broken clocks that read a specific time, a shelf of books that contained a hidden message, and dolls that pointed at a specific directions. The untidy room scattered with old toys and sinister dolls, made the experience more frightening. These props, organized to fool the group, were then torn apart for the search of clues hidden within, on, or under them. All these clues and riddles to solve, along with the one hour time limit, put us on a new level of stress which ultimately led to our unsuccessful escape.
If you would like to exercise team-building and communication skills, and be thrown into different settings and timezones, escape rooms is a great activity to try with your friends.  Although we didn’t get to skedaddle the escape room on time, we had a spooky time in doing so.
“This is a different approach to get people’s attention. Sadly we didn’t get to escape the room in time; but we had fun trying.” – Senoi Haja (12)
    Even though everyone may not be successful in escaping the room, it is still a fun activity to partake in the Los Angeles area. There are many activities in the Los Angeles area to do such as going to a museum, the zoo, or even the beach; but escape rooms have to be one of the more interesting ones. There are quite a few to be found around such as Escape Hotel Hollywood, Escape Room LA, and Exodus Escape Room in Rowland Heights.
“The use of physical and hands on activities while being pressured by both time and fear have an impact on how groups work together.” – Marc Munoz (12)
Happy Death Day Grants All Your Wishes by Gilbert Quinones
    Happy Death Day is going to make you wish you didn’t have a birthday. This new slasher/horror film, directed by Christopher B. Landon, features Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, and Ruby Modine, the film gained recognition and popularity due to the trailer posted to the Universal Pictures YouTube Channel.
Jessica Rothe wakes up in a dorm room and quickly realizes it’s not her room she’s in and leaves, when she arrives at her sorority house her sisters tell her to be ready for her birthday party that night. When her birthday party starts she goes upstairs to grab something from her room and is met with a masked figure, who kills her, but she wakes up to see she’s right back in the dorm room she first woke up in. Her death happens over and over and the only way to stop it is to find out who is behind the mask making her experience the worst deja-vu ever.
Nothing is scarier than dying, but to relive your death? Everyday? The movie’s being compared to Groundhog Day, except Happy Death Day has a lot more murder. Happy Death Day was, like everyone expected, a horror movie version of Groundhog Day. It was a surprisingly good film, if you’re looking for a real scary and terrifying film, then Happy Death Day isn’t for you, the film is more of a thriller/comedy. I believe the movie deserves a 7/10.