“All the Better to Hear You” Which ear buds are worthy of your ears?


Ruby Andujo, Staff Writer/ Artist

Earphones and headsets, something everyone wants to argue about.

Now the debate is between durability and quality. What good is it to have durable earphones if the quality is more than shotty? It’s the same if the roles were switched; however anyone would be more than pleased with the epic quality. So what’s on the market that offers both?

The top three contenders that has everyone buzzing are: Beats, Skullcandy, and Sony.

Beats has claimed that “Through its family of premium consumer headphones, earphones and speakers, Beats has introduced an entirely new generation to the possibilities of premium sound entertainment.” And it seems to be true. Ever Since Apple Inc. acquired Beats under their jurisdiction, Beats products have become astonishingly better. Especially the new recent wireless Beats Solo 3 that range at around $300.

Beats Solo 3 has improved several subjects with the main being battery life. Anyone who listens to music via wireless headphones, knows one of the major problems is not knowing how much Battery is left. “It adds a promised three hours of music playback from just five minutes of charging” says Beats official Vlad Savov. Which is perfect for anyone leaving on a last-minute notice. Naturally it’s promised to have, at the very least, 40 hours of music listening before charging.

Do not forget that the sound is absolutely astounding. Of course, because this is an Apple product it works best with Apple iPhones as opposed to any other phone. However, it is a wonderful device that’s easily compactable and light, with a long battery life, and great sound quality Making it one of the top contenders.

Now let’s say you prefer to have earphones instead. Skullcandy Ink’d 2 Earbud’s are the product for you. While they are aesthetically less appealing, along with the sound, it doesn’t really dissipate the great product that this is coming from. The Ink’d 2 is much louder than the previous earbuds that Skullcandy has released along with the fact that the wires are flat to prevent tangling.

Lee Neikirk stated, “The standard pair fit snugly in the ear.” While not the most luxurious item on stock, after a few twitches, it feels as if it is no longer there. They aren’t the best, but this isn’t bad for just $20.

Finally we reach the Sony section, which bounces back to Headphones once more. Sony’s top seller is the Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro, starting off at around $600 in the US. The design is rather bulky and heavy for some while actually having a lighter and more flexible feel than most. Unlike Beats, it isn’t wireless, instead choosing to carry two different removable cords.

Aside from the oddly specific designs it holds, and the outrageously high price, it’s well worth it. It’s sound quality is amazing. In the end, these headphones are perfect for anyone who wants a crisp sound, or try and DJ from time to time.