Microblading Marks the Cutting Edge of Fashion

Microblading Marks the Cutting Edge of Fashion

Shirley Ramirez, Staff Writer


Microblading has been all the rage this year. Microblading is the use of a little blade that makes little hair-like slits in your eyebrows. Those little slits are filled with a semi-permanent ink to look like natural hair. This usually takes about 45 minutes to two hours.

 The process involves finding your right measurements and having changes made to fit your personal style. The price for a microblading session can go from $350 to $800.

The healing process can be quite annoying. Once done, customers can’t get your eyebrows wet for five days during the healing process. The closest place we found to go to get eyebrows microbladed is Neobrows in Downey, CA.

They specialize  in “eyebrow beauty and design.” Neobrows appointments cost $350, with an extra $50 for the required touch up appointment, which is highly recommended.     

Some places have different strategies for the eyebrow healing process there is some healing cream that needs to be applied right away.

During the fifth or sixth day, eyebrows might be start to peel off. This is totally normal. Just remember not to start picking at them. After the peeling your eyebrows will look like they have completely fallen off. They aren’t completely gone but you will still need to have your touch up appointment.  

Freshman, Albert Dominguez adds, “I feel like microblading helps girls who don’t have as many eyebrow hairs feel confident. They shouldn’t let other people bring them down for making themselves feel better about themselves.”

After the touch up, the process may have to be repeated every one to three years. since the pigments naturally fade over time depending on skin type and age.