Bethany Ruiz, Staff Writer

It’s been proven that sitting for long periods of time can kill you, some people are even saying that sitting is the new smoking. A major concern occurring right now is known as Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) which are clots forming in the deep veins of your legs, due to the lack of blood circulation that occurs from sitting for too long.

The reason behind why sedentary behavior affects us in such a negative way is still unclear and complex. Some scientists theorize that sitting for long leads to reductions in insulin sensitivity, while others believe net calories decrease as sitting time increases.

Experts have found that no matter how healthy you are, or how much you exercise, sitting for prolonged periods of time is a risk factor for early death. Bassett’s previous class schedule had you sitting in three classes a day for roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes (not including p.e.), which was not benefiting your health.

With the class schedule with six classes a day for roughly 60 minutes,  experts suggest you take a stretch break.    Although there is limited evidence to suggest standing is a healthier alternative to sitting, movement is the best thing for your health in this situation.

  However, if you find yourself sitting for longer than 30 minutes, some things you can do to get the blood circulation in your legs moving is by doing leg stretches as you sit, such as: spinning your feet around, and stretching your legs out rather than keeping them together.

If you are able to get up to take breaks from sitting, it’s highly suggested by experts that you do that instead of the seated exercises.


“It’s insane because you’d never think that sitting would cause

damage like that.”

-Melanie Gonzalez (12).

Extending Beauty

By Alina Velo


There are multiple types of extensions, including some for your eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are applied one false lash at a time, giving you that full and natural effect.

Eyelash extensions come in different sets, depending on what you desire. Maybe you’re looking for a light, natural look, or even a dramatic, comprehensive appearance.

Services for a full set of lashes start at about $120, lasting approximately three weeks. When getting eyelash extensions each eyelid holds up to 150 to 200 eyelashes. This process can be an hour, sometimes even close to two hours.     

Eyelashes are a small feature on our face that make a huge difference.

Eyelash extensions require a lot of care, and patience; not only for the person applying them, but for the client. Extensions must be handled with care.

It’s recommended to keep any kind of oils away from them. When it comes to showering water must be kept off lashes. Following instructions that the salon provides will extend the wearability of the lashes. I asked Stephanie Arana said , “Personally, I wouldn’t get them because they harm your natural lashes and I think they’re inconvenient.”

“Personally, I wouldn’t get them because they harm your natural lashes, and I just think they’re inconvenient.”

-Stephanie Arana (11)


Natural lashes don’t necessarily get damaged with extensions unless you pull them off yourself, and you purposely play with them. Experts recommend knowing the commitment before purchasing the lashes.