Stay Cozy During Sweater Weather


Valerie Ramos

Who’s ready for sweater weather?

When you hear sweater weather we all think of the cold. Cold weather has to be everybody’s favorite weather. Jackets, hoodies, knit sweaters, LOVE IT!

Nothing sounds better than a oversized cozy sweater with a hot chocolate and Netflix. Here are some ways you can enjoys sweater weather.

Some outfits you need to try for fall, or “sweater weather,” would be mustard and grey, these two colors would look great together. There’s olive and gold, a more cool tone colors.  Pale pink and camel, theses two colors are the best colors to show how girly and beautiful you can be. Now the colors that people wear the most during fall are burgundy and olive.

Some sweaters that are always perfect for sweater weather are knits. There are different kinds of knit sweaters that are so stylish and warm. Another type of way to dress for sweater weather is wearing crop top hoodies. They’re so cute and perfect for a ‘cute, casual’ look.

Lace-up sweaters are also comfy and cute. There are different type of sweaters that have lace-ups like hoodies, sweatshirts, knits, and crewnecks.

“I love trying on hoodies and not trying hard to dress up. You just need to know how to pair a sweater with the right accessories.”

– Brenda Martinez (12)

A lace up knit sweater with tights and booties is the perfect outfit for sweater weather.

To stand out, remember to choose sweater with personality-whether it be a unique sleeve, a touch of lace, a dash of sparkle or even a unique pattern.


“Falling” in Love

By Shirley Ramirez


Fall has come early this year, but most people aren’t complaining. With the temperature finally dropping some degrees, and colorful leaves falling from trees. People seem to really love everything about fall.

It seems like girls love fall more than we know. This has everything to with the clothes we choose to wear. If we wanted to wear leggings every day we could. No one would have noticed that your wearing your pajama shirt and some cute black leggings, you would just cover it up with your jacket.

Basically just being comfortable. What girl wouldn’t want to be comfortable for three months?

Relationships seem like a big warm hug in fall. When your boyfriend is wearing a big cozy sweatshirt it makes girls want to leap into their arms and snuggle. Something about cuddling up and drinking hot cocoa with your boyfriend or girlfriend next to the fire place seems like the ideal time to relax and have a nice time.  

“My favorite thing about fall is when I have free time because I like to curl up by the fire and watch scary movies,” said sophomore Adriana Dominquez.

 Scenery seems to become more serene in fall. The warm colors, fall leaves, and brisk weather make everyone a bit more kind.

In fact fall is synonymous with the giving season. Students collect cans, volunteer at food banks and  even orchestrate impressive friendsgiving celebrations to   demonstrate just how much they care about people in the world.

Fall seems like a time for reflection, inclusion , and love. Petty differences, annoying habits, family conflicts aside, fall brings everyone together over fattening food and holiday tradition.  After all it’s pretty hard to be too upset when surrounded by a Thanksgiving buffet.


“My favorite thing about fall is when I have free time because I like to curl up by the fire and watch scary movies on my phone, it really gets me into the fall spirit!”

-Adriana Dominquez (10)