Answer the Call with Call of Duty: World War II


Gilbert Quinones, Staff Writer

  The Call of Duty video game series is one of the most prominent game series of the modern day era. Call of Duty: WWII was the most hyped and talked about game of the summer, people hope it’ll be like their roots. This November, Sledgehammer Games is developing its old, but new, installment in the franchise, called Call of Duty: WWII.

                Call of Duty is an FPS (First-Person-Shooter,) online, multiplayer video game debuting back in 2003 and has grown into one of the biggest online-shooters in video game history, with companies, Sledgehammer and Treyarch, putting out spinoff’s such as the Modern Warfare Series (Sledgehammer) and Black Ops Series (Treyarch.) The game is currently the most popular on console, and it’s also the biggest E-Sports game in history, Call of Duty has even paved ways for teams, who competitively play the game, some of the biggest are Faze Clan, Optic Gaming, and Envy Us Gaming,

                With the upcoming release of the game, its dedicated fan base hopes for CoD: WWII to revive the franchise and go back to their roots (Modern Warfare and Black Ops Series.) When the beta of the game released, people were very surprised at how it felt like a new game but also felt like they were back in 2012 playing Black Ops 2. A “Boots-on-the-ground” based game is what most dedicated fans want to play, not the jet-pack, dashing, futuristic games from recent years.

                Hopefully, World War II can make everyone love the game again.” – Albert Dionicio (12)

This year’s Call of Duty is definitely special; since the game’s release its gained recognition for being good and taking people back to the old days of Call of Duty. When playing World War 2 alone in your room, it’s like you’re really in the game, the flow of the game is very smooth, but like every game, it’s not perfect. Multiplayer is very fun and smooth to play, the new features added in to the game, such as headquarters, make the game interesting and the campaign is a very intense, and fast-paced game mode, with sometimes, over-the-top, some would say, unrealistic game play, but still makes the game very fun to play, nonetheless.

                Critics say that it’s different in a good way, and that WWII is going to be one of the greatest Call of Duties, and I agree, the game is definitely worth playing. it’s what the fans have be dying to play since Black Ops 2.