Coco Pulls All The Right Heart Strings


Stephanie Lopez, Staff Writer

Pixar’s Coco is an animated film that takes the audience through a fun and vibrant adventure, which highlights familial relationships and the true meaning of day of the dead. The bubbly animation and an artistic style that takes inspiration from the Mexican culture, Coco creates an emotional rollercoaster that makes it an instant classic for people from all cultures.

                Coco revolves around a Mexican boy named Miguel, voiced by Anthony Gonzalez. Miguel is in a family of zapateros or shoemakers, the family loathes music. Despite Miguel’s family disapproval of music, he plays a guitar and has a shrine for a famous musician and actor Ernesto de la Cruz.

                On day of the dead, Miguel disobeys his family and chooses to pursue his dream as a musician. He finds himself in the land of the dead, his adventure begins as he tries to find a deceased family member who will give him their blessing to play music.

                A Pixar movie with Mexican characters! What more is there to say, many viewers have been waiting our whole childhood for this moment. But where Coco shines most brightly, is in its vibrant visuals, which rely on a palette of fluorescent greens, blues, yellows, and oranges.

                The land of the dead is inspired by the city of Guanajuato. The land is in layers, the bottom has older architecture and as the land gets higher the architecture gets newer. The movie focuses on the celebration of life rather than the sadness of death.

                Mexican traditions are of abundance in this film. The main focus, of course, is around Dia de los Muertos and all the traditions that come with it. All the little details from the ofrendas to the marigold flowers.

                The ofrendas set up for Miguel’s family include the marigold flowers, their pictures and a personalized object for the deceased. The movie even includes its own version of novelas (soap operas) featuring Ernesto de la Cruz. Ernesto de la Cruz is based off of Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete, a couple of Mexican superstars who are known for their singing abilities.

                I honestly thought the movie was much better than The Book of Life. It stays true to Mexican culture. The movie makes you appreciate your heritage more. That’s what it did for me.  – Samanta Santander (12)

This movie is a must see! You will not regret it. If you are an emotional person, make sure you have tissues.