Jigsaw Draws Fresh Blood

Han Nguyen, Staff Writer

Jigsaw is the newest movie in the Saw series. The movie takes place seven years after the last movie, Saw 3D, and continues the sadistic tale. John Kramer – the original killer – is back with a new game, new victims, and new traps. Is John Kramer back from the dead? Or Is there a new mastermind behind this?

                The movie starts with five people who are trapped in a horrible deadly devised by the killer, Jigsaw. With buckets on their heads and chains at their necks, they’re dragged toward spinning saws that won’t stop unless they give up some blood. Four give enough, but one of them gets viciously obliterated. From there, the last four people continue with the game for the chance of survival. Meanwhile, the law enforcement is on the hunt to find the victims and stoop this new Jigsaw killer. Will anyone survive, or will the police force be too late?

                This time, the movie features all the new cast except for Tobin Bell. Their acting was alright for the movie; they really come off as arrogant and annoying, but at times, this can become too much and off-putting for the audience. Although some of the characters are interesting, there are some that end up being unimportant, leaving an unsatisfying feeling for the audience.

                One thing to note is that I don’t recommend bringing kids to this movie, because it has a ton of violence and blood throughout the movie. There is also a lot of vulgar language that can be off-putting to certain people. Although it is just as bloody as previous installments, some fans may find the traps not as exciting and might dislike the film for that. However, even with these critiques, the film was better than the other Saw films.

                Overall, this is a big come back for the Saw series. If you’re a big fan of Saw, I would recommend watching it. So I’ll give this movie a 8.5/10 for being super violent to the characters and decent acting that move the story along at an exciting pace. Jigsaw is definitely worth your time and worth your money.