Ragnorok Rules with a Mighty Hammer

Ragnorok Rules with a Mighty Hammer

Aphiratanachai Buakham, Staff Writer

Imprison, Thor finds himself on the opposite side of the galaxy while his home world Asgard lays in chaos.

                Thor is on a journey to find the remaining Infinity Stones. On his journey he comes across the fire Demon Surtur who informs that his father, Odin, is no longer on Asgard. Leaving Asgard unprotected the fire demon tells Thor that the realm will soon be destroyed by the prophesized Ragnarok.

                Believing this prophecy Thor defeats the demon, taking his crown thinking he stopped ragnarok from ever beginning. Returning to Asgard, Thor figures out that his brother Loki has been impersonating Odin this whole time. While this happens, Odin’s first child, Hela, escapes prison to reclaim her throne and is trying to conquer all nine realms and bring Asgard to its glory once more.

                This movie was spectacular and the audience who are going to watch it are in for a treat. The stunning visuals, amazing music, and vibrant colors give a relaxing and peaceful vibe. The acting was marvelous and each cast member did their part to produce such a wonderful film. Both Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner/Hulk) were both extremely humorous. Other cast members brought more to the table as well by adding an action-packed crowd pleaser visuals.

                The director himself Taika Waititi was a part of the cast and brought exactly the right balance of action and boldness to the film. The film was well directed and had a good plot with an excellent build up to the climate and the audience watching would not be dissapointed.

                There were many moments in the film where you will find yourself laughing from just plain humor that the character brings. Ranking this movie to the previous Thor movies, I will put this movie at the top. This movie itself was unique in its own way compared to the majority of superhero movies whether you are a DC fan or not.