Skyrim Proves VR Worthy

Skyrim Proves VR Worthy

Aphiratanachai Buakham, Staff Writer

This year gamers get to see some new advancements in gaming and other tech related to video games. After introducing machines capable of virtual reality a few years back, and this fall gamers saw some classic games getting the VR treatment. One of the classics games being updated is Skyrim, an open world action role-playing game.

I like how they’re making one of my favourite games into VR.” – Gilbert Medina (11)

Being in the works for some time now, this year’s release is not only getting a virtual reality implementation, but it is also getting some new updates that developers are working on currently. The game is basically the same as the classic that gamers enjoy but with a different perspective. The player gets to explore the magical world with their own eyes as if they were in that world themselves. Being able to wield a plethora of weaponry and also casting magical spells with your own hands make the gameplay experience extremely marvelous.

                However, all this excitement comes with a price, and a heavy one too. The PS4 system is limited to a few compatible VR headsets. Not owning one can put quite a hole in your wallet. If planning to buy the PSVR system with Skyrim VR included you’re looking at around $450 excluding taxes, but the holidays are around the corner and sales are always going on. I recommend using the PSVR because it is the current cheapest system compatible with the PS4, and also it includes the game.                                 Other excellent systems like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive has a high price, and do not include the game. With the PSVR it is basically plug and play, but with other VR headsets there are setups that are time consuming and annoying.

The game extremely fun and worth it; the developers are consistently adding new content to the game. With this purchase you’ll be VR proof for future virtual reality games coming out. Yes, the price is high, however if you wait for the holiday sales, it will be even more worthwhile.

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