The Dark Side of Star Wars: Battlefront 2


Justin Castro, Staff Writer

With EA’s success of “Star Wars: Battlefront” comes its sequel in “Star Wars Battlefront 2”, and it’s great for nostalgia, but for an overall game, it’s sort of a mixed reaction.

                This sequel to the already existing Star Wars Battlefront franchise, introduces a new story- driven campaign mode, something not found in its predecessor. In this 4-5 hour long single-player mode, the player takes on the role of Iden Versio, journeying through different planets such as  and meeting characters that older fans will remember. The problem starts here as the campaign is considered to straight fan-service, leaving our main focus of Iden Versio in the shadows. Plus, with an abrupt ending, there seems to be a future expansion rather than a logical and explanatory ending.

                Another feature has been added to the game that is having many fans upset, this being in game purchases and a loot box system. This new loot box system allows players to collect in game currency from playing multiplayer modes or buy them using “crystals” which are available for purchase with real life money, to purchase loot boxes for unlockables such as characters and vehicles. However, right off the bat people were not happy with it, specifically the idea of using real life money to buy loot.

                Micro transactions were a horrible idea. DLC is fine when it’s done right. Battlefront 2 just doesn’t do that.”

 James Perez (12)

                This addition has quickly become confusing and pointless to players as most would much rather rid of in game purchases. This backlash became very prominent on the social blade Reddit and because of this backlash EA has decided to turn off the in game purchases.

                Gameplay wise, this sequel has some big highs and some huge flaws. The good part is the very diverse attacks and abilities that the new and nostalgic cast of characters has in their repertoire. The negative aspect is the camera angles that change during the actual gameplay. It’s easily noticeable how the camera is not able to keep up with some of the characters abilities, especially those that involve rapid speed.

                With all these complaints from fans, developer EA has lost 3.1 billion dollars in stocks due to this game… yikes.

                This game isn’t all bad though. Star Wars Battlefront has been highly applauded for its multiplayer and arcade modes. There are several multiplayer modes that have been critically acclaimed such as Heroes vs. Villains, Starfighter Assault, and Strike.

                This installment is considered to be full of fun side modes, however the main focus of the game is the campaign  there are too many complaints for it to be considered a good game, being rated 3.3 out of 10 on So is this game worth it in the end? Well, since the sales are down about 60% I would say no. However it just depends on where you stand in the star wars universe. For nostalgic Star Wars fans, I would say sure pay the $60, but for a regular fan of team shooters, play the first Star Wars Battlefront instead, trust me.