The Flash Reignites Season 4

The Flash Reignites Season 4

Aphiratanachai Buakham, Staff Writer

Last season left off where Barry Allen (The Flash) entered the Speed Force to balance out the negative energy and prevent dark matter from spreading throughout the city and creating more metahumans (people with special powers). With the absence of the main flash, team Kid-Flash finds difficulty stopping old metahumans who are escaping their prisons with Iris West, Barry’s soon-to-be wife, guiding them.

                In the first episode we are introduced to “Samuroid” a robotic samurai whose name was given by Cisco Ramon, threatens to destroy the city if The Flash does not face him in battle. Cisco, using his genius idea of tricking the Speed Force and pulling Barry out to combat the robot. Releasing Barry from the Speed Force unleashed a wave of dark matter that gave powers to 12 bus passengers. All of this was calculated by the speculated big bag of the season, The Thinker a.k.a Clifford DeVoe. Further on the season we see Team Flash battle the bus-metas as we continue to unravel the secrets and calculations that The Thinker has plan out.

                The Flash has been a fan favorite show since its debut in 2014. This season features a new enemy of course just like previous seasons, but this season has a slightly more investigative theme then the previous. The other seasons was just Barry figuring out who he really is and fighting stronger speedsters and gaining faster speed.

                This season the director reveals the main villain earlier in the show to give the audience a different approach and a new taste to the show. This season also has a season 1 vibe where the main point was believing and having faith, which might sound cringey, but seems to work out in the end. I’ve enjoyed this season equally with the third season because of how cool the villain, while the first and second season were the build-up to this exact moment. Overall The Flash is an amazing show that anyone would enjoy not just comic book fans.