Xbox 1 X is the One to Rule Them All


Han Nguyen, Staff Writer

Microsoft is finally bringing us the most powerful console ever made with the 4k native gaming at 60 frames per second and six teraflops of graphical horsepower, the Xbox One X. For sure, this console will make a big mark this year.I want to buy the Xbox One X, because there are 4k games available

with it.

– Tony Nguyen (11)

                The Xbox One X features 4k resolution, textures,  and assets, which means players will have the ability to download 4k content for your installed games and it will make every games on the XBOX run better in terms offrames rates, making it even more stable and less laggy. The best part about XBOX is you don’t need a 4k TV to make your graphics more clearer, because the console is going to do it and it will be way better than the previous console, the  Xbox One S.

                Comparing it to the PS4 Pro, the Xbox One X has 6 teraflops and the PS4 Pro only has 4.2 teraflops. Also,  the the PS4 pro has 8 gigabytes of RAM but the Xbox One X has up to 12 gigabytes, with 8 of them being for gaming and the other 4 for the Operating System__. The Xbox one X is also more compact than the PS4 Pro.

                As for the price of this console, the Xbox One X is listed at a price of $500, meaning that it is the most expensive console out now. So, is it worth it to get a console like this? At the price of $500, I would recommend waiting for some holiday sales the get the most out of your money, especially since you have to spend even more money for additional items, like video games.

                Taking everything into account, the Xbox One X will be the best choice for gamers who loves the series of XBOX, and even for those inexperienced with the series.