Den of Thieves is a Cinematic Crook

Melany Luevano

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 Authenticity. That’s the name of the game when it comes to Den of Thieves primary aspiration. Writer-Director, Christian Gudegast (writer of the great London has Fallen) has been dreaming of making this film for over a decade and demands it look and feel real.

                From costuming to weaponry to nuanced physical movements, everything has been checked and double checked for authenticity. Well, that and making a greedy crime epic on par with Michael Mann’s classic Heat. Of all the titles thrown around by Den of Thieves cast and crew, Heat was the one that reliably came across the board.

                And it’s not hard to see why; Den of Thieves tells the story of cops and robbers or as Gudegast puts it’s “regulators and outlaws” participating and urban warfare.

                The plot revolves around several bank heist and their aftermath, I’m at the story and themes are all about these men, a family of criminals versus a group of cops his methods and personal lives render them possibly more amarol then the villains they chase.

                These movies are the kind of movies that not only speak the truth but are a bit of a wakeup call as it shows that the truth always finds a way out. Den of thieves goes above and beyond telling the story that many people have lived.

                It shows us the perspective of law enforcement and the obstacles they go through in order to keep us safe and out of harm well Den of thieves had all the special ingredients but unfortunately didn’t make it work and robbed us of quality cinematics.

                Talk about a crook; well not only did the Den of thieves steal in the movie, but also could stolefrom you in real life. Coming in 3rd place on the charts behind 12 strong, Den of thieves had a total percentage of 43% and made a total of $15.3M sure seems like a lot of money but in reality it could’ve done way better do to all the publicity and hype it was getting.

                I personally enjoyed the movie overall because the actors really helped convey a dark and serious atmosphere that was prevalent throughout the movie. It was really enjoyable to watch because of the action, making it a pretty decent action movie. I give it 7/10 stars for these reasons.

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