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Forget Resolutions, Eat Junk; Make it a Happy New Year

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Forget Resolutions, Eat Junk; Make it a Happy New Year

Bethany, staff writer

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New Year’s resolutions have been around since ancient Babylonian times, and seeing that the tradition still continues to this day would make you think that it’s worth the effort. However, statistics show that only around eight percent of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions.

Most resolutions should benefit you in the upcoming year, but many people just can’t seem to stick to the ones they’ve made, and there are endless choices for resolutions.

It’s completely understandable that people want to announce their goals in order to get motivation and support from others to encourage themselves to stick to their goals. However, New Year’s resolutions aren’t worth making because people should just be able to stick to and achieve a goal during any time of the year if it’s what they want. “I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions this year because in the future you’re just going to give up on them, so what’s the point of actually making goals.” says Melanie Gonzalez (11th).

  Your resolutions don’t necessarily have a set time either, they can be short or long term. New Year’s resolutions are more like a year long goal and it’s difficult for a lot of people to think about maintaining them, “My New Year’s resolution is to read all of the books that I have piling up next to my bed,” says Giselle Castro (11th). However, if it’s easier for you to see it as a monthly or even weekly goal then by all means adjust it to what will work best for you to achieve your goal.

 It can be going well for a few weeks, but people slowly start to slack off and end up not continuing because they just aren’t ready to commit to or give up those things. New Year’s resolutions are seen as though if you fail then that’s the end of it and you can’t attempt them anymore. Whereas short and long term goals can be attempted again even after failing. That being said, people should try to focus on creating short term goals, then transition them into long term goals.  

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Forget Resolutions, Eat Junk; Make it a Happy New Year