Olys Innovate and Investigate

Tony Alvarado, Staff Writer

   Former science teacher, Mr. Steward, has come back to help with the science fair and provide a room to keep some of the students science projects in his class.

   He has been taking the time out of his day to come to Bassett on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to help out the coordinator, Ms. Daulatzai, with these science projects.

   There have been 25 students that he has been working with. One of the projects, put together by Julie Valverde, is about the effects of magnesium.

   She described her project and said that their goal of making this project was to achieve the total growth of a plant with canceling out the unnecessary water.

   Mr. Steward, explains that the science fair is important to the students because it gives them the opportunity to know what is needed.

   He went on to explain how students have the freedom to choose their own topic

   This year the science fair will, again, be held at the library on the 7th of February. Compared to last year’s science fair it is difficult to decide whether or not there are more participants or less participants.

   This year’s science fair is definitely one for our students to look into.

   The coordinator, Ms. Daulatzai advises that the students of Bassett should take part in the science so they understand about everyday things we do and the science behind them