School Renovation Revealed


Tony Nguyen, Staff Writer

   With the recent approval for a new facade, Bassett is going to go through a major makeover in the near future.

   The plan includes making use of the entire space of the current facade, such as the unused area opposite of the front office, which will all be a part of the new building.

   The new plan has converting the entire front of the school into a completely indoor building. Many important offices that have been inconveniently scattered throughout the school, like the nurse’s and attendance, are to be brought up to the front with the new plans.

   Many consider the appearance of our current facade as uninviting, being that it’s just two gates and the entrance to the front office.    The new plan intends to correct these problems by making more efficient use of the area for office space, along with the construction of a building that will make the school look more presentable overall.

   One of the major problems that students and visitors face when entering the school is the fact that the attendance office and front office are completely separate from each other (the attendance office is located in the south hallway of the school).

   Parents are forced to go all the way to the middle of the school, after coming from the front office, just to pick up their students.

   The new facade project aims to place the two next to each other at the front of school for ease of access.

    The Olympian Times caught up with Bassett Unified’s Assistant Superintendent,

Antoine Hawkins, for some questions regarding the new facade project:


TIMES: How do you think that it will impact students at Bassett High School, and the community of La Puente at large?

HAWKINS: The upgrade will bring a positive impact to the students, parents and the Bassett community as the appearance will modernize the look of the facility and be inviting to those who attend and visit the campus.

TIMES: Is there a budget for the project?

HAWKINS: Yes, the budget is $3.5M.

TIMES: To your knowledge, is there an estimated date of completion? What is the timeline for the project thus far?

HAWKINS: The project will first need to be designed as it currently is just in the conceptual design stage. The design phase can take up to 3-6 months to develop the construction drawings and prepare the drawings for the California Department of State Architecture (DSA) review. Once submitted to DSA for review and approval, which can take anywhere from 6 to 8 months, the DSA will provide necessary comments and/or approval. Once the project is DSA-approved the project can be submitted for public bidding, which normally takes 6 weeks to complete and presented to the Bassett Unified School District Board of Education for their approval to award the lowest responsive bidder. Then finally there is the construction period that can run anywhere from  6-9 months to construct the facade.


   Although there are many phases left for the school renovation project to become a reality, there is an offer of some sort of certainty  that construction is on the horizon for Bassett High School’s future facade.