The Maze Runner Concludes with a Satisfying Finish

The Maze Runner Concludes with a Satisfying Finish

Aphiratanachai Buakham, Staff Writer

The Maze Runner: Death Cure directed by Wes Ball and distributed by 20th Century Fox, reveals a lot of answers for the questions fans have about this dystopian universe.

                The final chapter of the Maze Runner trilogy features Thomas leading his group of escaped gladers on their final most dangerous mission. Arriving at Last City, a WCKD-controlled labyrinth that is possibly the deadliest maze they’ve ever been in. To save their friends they must go into the maze; anyone who makes it out alive will get all the answers to the questions they’ve been asking since they got in the first maze.

                The film opens up with Thomas and Vince chasing down a prisoner transport train to rescue Minho. The rescue doesn’t go exactly as they planned, and before they realize it they are following up on clues that leads them to The Last City. It turns out that it’s not the last stronghold, but also the home base for W.C.K.D.

                The organization has been behind the maze from the first film and collecting together the individuals who seem to be immune to the virus affecting the large mass of the world’s population. This movie becomes a race for the Gladers to find Minho and escape from the stronghold before W.C.K.D winds up killing him in their experiments.

                Starting with the positives. The special effects in this movie were decent-to-good, but still was able to stand out. There was one scene where W.C.K.D was trying to open a locked door with a saw; the light from the saw reflected onto the glass where Thomas and his friends were looking at. The camera angle and minor details like in this piece and in others were able to stand out and were interesting to look at.

                The acting from the characters were excellent as well, especially from Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and Minho (Ki Hong Lee). You get to see how well Dylan O’Brien has developed as an actor and also how his character has changed over the trilogy.

                Another great thing about this film was the friendship between Thomas and Newt. Other aspects of the movie seem to be fine but the relationship these two had together made the movie more enjoyable.

                However, since there was a big time gap between the second film and the third film, which led to Death Cure being delayed. The director did not add anything to refresh our memories of the events that happened during Scorch Trials that led up to this exact moment, instead they jumped right into action. which really hindered the viewing.                                

                “The films and the books are a bit different, but I liked how the movies ended up turning out.” – Tara Chea (11)

                There were many cliché scenes as you would expect from a young adult based film, but overall a Maze Runner fan that enjoyed the first and second films would surely be happy with what they will get on this last movie of the trilogy. Ranking this movie from the other two, I will put Scorch Trials as the worst, followed up by the first one, and lastly Death Cure as being the best.