50 Shades Freed Reaches its Climax


Johanna Ceja, staff writer

Fifty Shades Freed is the final installment of the trilogy of movies bringing the E.L. James’ book-based trilogy a climax of overwrought drama and unintentional humor.

                This final film picks up after Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) proposes to Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) in Fifty Shades Darker.

                This time the couple is happily enjoying their honeymoon, a tour of the most romantic places in the world including: Paris, France.

                The Greys have to cut their honeymoon short because of Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson). Jack is Ana’s resentful former boss who has broken into Christian’s office.

                The conflict with Jack is a through-line that continues from Fifty Shades Darker. While this stalker drama adds conflict, it feels manufactured. Meanwhile, there’s plenty opportunities for drama between Christian and Anastasia. At the end of the day the couple are able to work through many of their disagreements, such as Anastasia wanting to focus more on her own career rather than just benefiting from her husband.

                “Fifty Shades Freed shows a lesson on how to build a good strong relationship.” – Joseph Mendoza (12)

                By including a new main character, the plot takes a new and interesting turn that tries to play on the dynamics previously created in the previous movies.

                The movie also focuses on story of Anastasia that doesn’t relate to Christian Grey, allowing the audience to relate to Anastasia more on a personal level as she goes on her own growth journey that contributes to the relationship.

                Of course the couple had a lot of intimacy in the movie, with Anastasia and Christian reaching the level of pregnancy, which allows the audience to anticipate and wonder that happens next, even after the credits roll.

                In my opinion, Fifty Shades Freed turned out to be exciting because it was very suspenseful. You didn’t know what to expect and it had lots of drama which made it more enjoyable and contributed to that anticipation.

                If your into dramatic and romantic movies, I recommend you to watch it because this movie is mainly about how two different people that made their way up to success. What made the movie really good was that they had a lot of steamy scenes, what topped off the movie was that it had action in it which was a thrill.

                “It was such a breathtaking movie with so many surprises and shocks.”- Belkis Monterroso (12)