Bring on the Gluttony

Ashley Perez, staff writer

We have all heard of food contests, whether it’s a hotdog eating contest or a pie eating contest. Though these contests are still a thing, they might not be as fun as we think.
People like guessing who would win and will bet for who they think will eat the most making us pay more attention and cheer for who we think will win. For the more intense people, they like seeing who throws up first. It’s especially fun when you join them and get your hands messy eating how you’re not supposed to at home.“Only people that want to get noticed and fat people join them” says Valeria Caballero(11).
Though food contests are made for fun, sometimes they are repulsive just watching people shove food down their throats. A lot of the food is also very unhealthy and can get you sick especially if your body isn’t used to it. Not only that but food contests can actually kill you. There have been some reports of people who have actually choked to death. Eating isn’t meant to be a competition to begin with. People also think it’s a bad influence to children since many Americans suffer from obesity.
Food contests are funny but people need to be careful and just have fun because of these various consequences.