Crypto Currency Curses Consumers

Crypto Currency Curses Consumers

Aphiratanachai Buakham, staff writer

Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are affecting the prices of computer parts. For the past few months virtual has caused PC enthusiasts and PC gamers frustration.                  

                Individual miners like the average consumers, and big corporations buy these graphics card in a bulk. Smartphones are also to blame, for the price increases because these productions are using DDR4 Chips.

                This demand causes a shortage on these PC part components and prices have doubled the MSRP. Even the lower end graphics card is increasing in price. This is due to some chips being able to mine different currencies more efficient than the other.

                Why does this matter? Well, for most people who have invested hundreds to thousands of dollars into these crypto currencies, their investments are likely to go belly up.

                However, hope is not completely loss because the most popular crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Litecoin, are seeing a market drop of 12-15% on a daily basis meaning less miners and more components back on the market.

                Other third party companies that sell these components such as Newegg, B&H Photo Video, offer bundles when purchasing GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) or even RAM (Random Accessible Memory), they promise to throw in a monitor or some game codes. Manufacturers such as AMD and Nvidia are stopping production until prices have settled.

                For people who are looking to buy a new pc or maybe wanting to build their own, I suggest waiting a few more months for GPU and RAM prices to drop.