Find Your Celebrity Prom Style

Jo, staff writer

Celebrity awards season is just about over but the fashion on the runways will be seen in prom dresses this season.
Bella Hadid, fashion model wore a sexy off-shoulder evening prom gown when she won Model of the Year 2016 Awards. Selena Gomez wore a backless evening dress to the Grammys in 2016. Even though these ceremonies were two years ago, their style is still trending.
Illusion dresses, inspired by Olympic skaters have made baring skin acceptable at prom. With sheer fabric connecting all the essentials, plunging necklines and peek-a-boo cut outs walk the edge between risky and conservative.
Expect to see the red carpet red in all its Hollywood glamour with the ladies trending toward red, floor length evening gowns.
It’s time to sparkle, whether with a metallic fabric, sequin accents or just metallic accessories, look to up the shine this season.
Colors for the guys tuxedos are predictable. As long as you match with your date you’re fine. The popular colors right now are black, red, dark blue, and gold.
To change up the classic tux, follow a cue from Chris Evans, actor and filmmaker who wore an extreme slim fit to the Oscars 2017. The jacket features a narrower chest and waist that is form-fitting without being constricting. The trousers are slim-fitting with a narrow opening at the cuff and a low rise.
Finding formal wear on a non-celeb budget can be stressful. Luckily with Bassett’s proximity to the downtown Los Angeles fashion district. 12th and Santee Alley is a popular spot.
Those looking to head online for a deal mist beware. Don’t be fooled by the celeb picture and expect to get the same outfit when it arrives at your door. Check the reviews on your site before purchasing the random dress shipped from China.
A more trustworthy option is rent the runway for those looking to return that celeb inspired gown after the evening. Prices are discounted for high-end designer dresses, but at the end of the night, that dress goes back.
Casino and Friar Tux are the most popular one stop tux shops. Rent your tux early and all the celeb inspired options will be available. Men’s warehouse, another giant in the tux and suit industry has both a local store and an online option for those who know their measurements and just don’t want to leave the house.