How to Plan a Perfect Promposal


Tillie Cortez, staff writer

Are you awkward and antisocial, but want to step a little out of your comfort zone and ask someone to prom? Well, we have answers.
Asking anyone out in general is always nerve racking; whether it’s on a date, to be something more, or simply out to eat there’s always that fear of rejection. When asking someone to a dance, prom for instance, people ideally go with posters or such to help pop the question.
Usually if you’re asking that special someone, whether its your partner or someone you’re hoping to develop something more with, most times you want to go a little bigger with your promposal. Check pintrest for a huge selection of prom posals or try one we have listed here.
Making a poster featuring something they adore, with a little saying or even a pun is the best way to go about it all. For example, if the person you’re asking likes lions you could use “I’d be LION if I said I didn’t want to go to prom with you!” or if they prefer giraffes “I must GIRAFFE you a question.. prom?” or maybe penguins “prom? WADDLE you say?” There are many creative ways to correlate a question to ask someone to the dance.
If the person you want to ask is involved in a sport or there’s some type of activity they enjoy doing, you can always try to incorporate their activity in to the question, such as if they like or are participating in soccer you might ask “Can I score a date with you to prom?”
Sweeten up the deal by adding a little treat like chocolates or flowers, depending on the likings of your future date. Because who can say no to free food!
Whether you’re a guy wanting to ask a girl, or a girl wanting to ask a guy, or guy/guy girl/girl, these little tips work for all.
Another way you can go is to simply ask in person. Asking in person is way better than asking over text. You’ll let the person know that you’re making an effort, even if they’re not getting this big ask.
Remember, some people don’t like being asked in a big way. Know your future date!
Senior, Carolina Sevilla says, “It doesn’t matter the way I’m asked, whether it’s small or big, I just know it definitely has to be cute!”