Just What is a Principal’s Day Like?

Justin Castro, staff writer

Principal, Mr. Griego, works very hard everyday to keep Bassett on a successful path. However, people don’t exactly know what he does all day everyday. I got curious so I decided to shadow Mr. Griego for a day, with permission, to see what it’s like to be a principal.
At the very beginning I could tell that Mr. Griego was a very busy man. I had to wait ten minutes from our scheduled time because he was in a meeting. Once he was done, I was able to meet with him and begin shadowing him. We started off with discussing what exactly his job as a principal was and what his goals were as a principal.
“I am responsible for the actions and responsibilities for all employees. We as a faculty want to give the students the best and safest learning environment as possible.”
We also discussed what his usual routine is every morning for a normal day. He starts with checking emails and answering to messages left for him. If it just so happens to be a Tuesday or Thursday, he will prepare to give a few words of wisdom.
He does all this in just the first hour of being at the school.
Also, every Tuesday Griego goes off campus and goes to meet with business men to help pay for students to go to opportunities like visiting colleges. He also deals with the PTSA, which not only deals with the staff and students of Bassett, but everyone who surrounds the Bassett community.
His day is never the same. His secretary, Michelle is who takes care of his schedule. Whatever she puts in there is what is on that day’s agenda. This could range from multiple meetings or visits such as with a teacher, struggling student or a parent.
During these meetings there is usually a focal point which could be likes of attendance, bad grades and how to improve, or meeting with parents that are worried about their child’s experience at the school and wish to move them.
There are some instances, although rare, that Griego has to do a task that another can’t complete for any reason. During my shadow, Griego was given the task of updating the OH department’s schedule for all of its workers and then making a physical copy.
Halfway through the assignment, his laptop crashed and he was not able to finish.
After that it was lunch where we stayed out near the senior hallway and observed the students. Most days, Griego will stand in that spot watching the kids, making sure that no conflicts ensue.
“If we can prevent a fight or confrontation from happening because we are outside, then that’s great.”
Once lunch is over Griego will go back to his office for more emails and meetings.
Thus will keep him busy until just before the bell to signify the end of the day. When you’re leaving though the front gate, you’ll see him right at the gate.
Now that we finally understand how much Griego does on a regular day, we can all appreciate him so much more.