Load Up on This Olive Garden Selection

Aphiratanachai Buakham, staff writer

Olive Garden came out with a new dish called “Loaded Pasta Chips”, with a mix between Italian and Mexican ingredients. What are they exactly? Loaded Pasta Chips are lightly fried pieces of lasagna pasta (used as the chips), topped with Italian cheeses, a meat sauce with chicken, meatballs, sausage, with an addition of cherry peppers and Alfredo sauce drizzled all over this delicious plate.

                This new dish will be available from Jan. 29th through April 1st and costing only $10.29.

                Let me start off by saying how amazing these look like in person, on top of that they smell absolutely great. The lasagna chips are so crispy and crunchy, with Alfredo sauce and meat sauce all over the chicken and meatballs. Their new dish left me speechless and it is definitely worth going to the restaurant to give it a try.

                But beware, the dish contains more than half of an average person’s daily recommended calories and cholesterol, with more than a full day’s worth of fat and sodium as well. About an hour after eating this I felt really bad.

                This dish received positive reviews, as well as bad ones. Some say this is a must try and worth the $10, while others called the dish disturbing and that Olive Garden is destroying 2000 years of culture.

                Instead of waiting all this time, or going to the restaurant to try the new dish, you can simply make it at home.

                Olive Garden’s recipe for their Loaded Pasta Chips is as follows:

1st: Cook lasagna noodles for about 10 minutes, make sure to stir so they don’t stick.

2nd: After they’re done cooking, stack and cut your noodles into 3 equal pieces

3rd: Heat up olive oil in pan, wait till hot, then toss in your pasta until crispy

4th: Transfer cooked lasagna chips to basket to let excess oil drain, or laying them in paper towels

5th: Gently toss cooked chips in garlic salt and coat with whatever toppings you like!

“This dish looks good, smells good, and tastes absolutely great.” -Tara Chea (11)