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Makeup Tutorials Are A Must When I’m Getting Ready

Valerie Ramos, staff writer

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I love watching makeup tutorials because I actually learn new tips on doing makeup. Before I found out about Youtube makeup videos, I learned everything from my older sisters and mother. Carli Bybel , Patrick Star, Nicole Guerriero, and Desi Perkins are all partially responsible for my everyday makeup routine and should definitely by on the top of your list if you want to get better at applying makeup.
Makeup tutorials are amazing because you can learn new techniques from makeup artists/ beauty gurus. Although some have the same looks, they have different techniques that can work for different people. Beauty gurus not only teach us to put on makeup but they also teach us to take care of our face. Not only do you learn about makeup but self care, health, and fashion.
It is interesting on how you can learn more about the makeup world, and how it isn’t just “paint on your face”. You learn about new products, and how they can benefit you. Go watch Nicole Guerriero if you have oily skin. She will give you tips on how to turn oil into a blessing and have it benefit your look. For those of you that have dry skin or just want to learn how to take care of your face should go binge watch Desi Perkins and Carli Bybel’s videos.
“Makeup tutorials and beauty gurus are very helpful on simple makeup techniques and also give an idea for girls that are beginners to doing their own makeup,” says Destiny Arciniega (12). I completely agree with Destiny. Makeup tutorials are a must for beginners that want to learn how to correctly apply makeup.
There is basically a makeup video for evry occasion, such as prom, weddings, and quinceaneras. Not only do you learn from makeup videos but you do save time. Skip the makeup counters and reservations for prom makeup and turn to the net instead. I’ve learned how to contour my face by watching different youtubers.There are people who didnt know how to blend their eyeshadow until they’ve started watching youtubers teach they how to blend eyeshadow beyond just a block of color. While some argue tutorials merely teach you to look “catfish,” there are natural looks out there and those who teach simplicity.
Not to say that there are those full tranformative tutorials out there. Ready to turn yourself into someone new with a few hundred dollars of makeup and a couple of hours? Feel free to follow women ready to become your favorite Disney princess or celebrity.
Whether its a new you or a slightly better you, youtube can teach just about anything including makeovers no reservations or purchase required.

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Makeup Tutorials Are A Must When I’m Getting Ready