Marijuana: From Demonized Drug to Recreational Release

Tony Alvarado, staff writer

After the Mexican revolution, Mexican immigrants flooded the United States and brought with them a recreational use of marijuana. Prejudice against the immigrants connected immigrant crimes with marijuana and demonized the drug. The great depression and joblessness only made the connection worse. The Federal Bureau of Narcotics is created to combat crime and other social problems associated with marijuana. Henry Anslinger is the first commissioner appointed to the bureau and he remains the commissioner until 1962. Th campaign against weed continues with a marijuana tax that essentially criminalizes the drug.Marijuana is legal for recreational use. It is still illegal to take across state lines, on a plane or mail it. Fines for driving under the influence include driving while high. With over 100 dispensaries listed just in the city of La Puente, sellers are ready to cash in on legalization.