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“Ponte Las Pilas” at The Girl Power Expo

Bianca Salcedo, staff writer

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Bassett High School’s very own Latinas Unidas are going above and beyond to empower our young, female students.
An exposition will be hosted by Latinas Unidas for girls on campus who are looking for ways to step up their college and career game. It will be one of the biggest events that Latinas Unidas will bring to Bassett. It will take place on March 9th at Bassett High School, from 9 a.m to 2 p.m.
Latinas Unidas is a mentor program that currently consists of 46 mentors and mentees, or monarcas, as the Latinas Unidas know each other by.
This program was established for women by women to help guide other young females in their educational, social, and personal lives.
The purpose of the expo is to enable these girls and to teach them about topics they might be interested in, but probably never had the resources to look into.
Joanna Vasquez, junior and founding member of Latinas Unidas, explained the mission behind the young, female, and Hispanic-empowering program, “We want to ensure that the girls that come out of our community grow up to be leaders.
We want them to be successful in life and we want them to go far and achieve their dreams. It’s not fair that some people just don’t have the resources to get to where they want and it’s more like a social class thing and regional thing over how much potential they actually have. These girls have so much potential and if we give them the opportunity to use it, then they’re going to use it.”
Latinas Unidas at Bassett encourages the ladies at the school to take part of this girl-empowering experience and leave with a new perspective, or a broader idea of possible participation in STEM opportunities.
“Since it will only be females attending, they will be more comfortable with everyone around them and not be shy to go out of their way to ask questions in order to find out more information on themselves and topics available,” explains Yanisbell Mejia, junior, and founding partner of Latinas Unidas.
This expo will consist of a total of fourteen 40-minute sessions that have been developed to be interesting and important to young females. The girls will be assigned three 40-minute long sessions. Each session is designed to assist women in various real-life skills necessary to save money, attend college, get a job, and be confident in the working world.
The expo will explain budget and financial planning, interview skills for jobs and schools, college planning/college prep, public speaking, on-the-job skills/success, time management, career exploration, healthy relationships, nutrition, women in art, and beauty and fashion.
All of the activities are free and available to all ladies on campus, so Latinas Unidas hopes “que te pongas las pilas” and attend this inspiring expo.

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“Ponte Las Pilas” at The Girl Power Expo