Spring Break Plans

Johanna Ceja, staff writer

What are your spring break plans? There are so much activities you can do such as going to beaches, amusement parks, planning or going to parties, and vacations away from where you live. The popular beaches out there are Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Malibu Beach, Huntington Beach, and Corona del Mar, Newport Beach.

Santa Monica Beach is a pier that features an aquarium, amusements parks, and restaurants. Venice Beach is known for the world’s famous boardwalk and beautiful beach to the shopper’s paradise of Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice offers a unique and lively mix of activities. Malibu and Corona del Mar Beach have the best views and amazing restaurants to eat with your beloved ones. It’s a great time to go to during spring break because the weather is amazing during that time, not hot not cold.

Can also go to amusements parks like Six Flags, Knotts Berry Farm, Disneyland, Disneyland California Adventure, and Universal Studios. Six Flags are known as the best rides here in California. Disneyland is more for the little ones and California Adventure is more for the adults. Disney California Adventure has this popular culinary festival that expands to six weeks. It’s called the Food and Wine Festival, March second to April 12th. You can explore California -inspired cuisine and beverages, tastings and entertainment, plus meeting celebrities like Robert Irvine and Alexandra Guarnaschelli. They are both amazingly fun and magical. As they call the place “The happiest place on earth.”

Knotts Berry Farm is a less Six Flags version but with big and tall rides too. Universal Studios is not just a theme park, also is a film studio. Universal Citywalk is for entertainment at Universal Studios Hollywood. That’s before you walk into Universals Studios with shopping stores, dining, and entertainment.  

What is there to do at Hollywood? You can go see the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Roosevelt, The Walk of Fame, Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Wax Museum, Dolby Theatre, Hollywood and Highland, etc.

Instead of wasting money, there’s another alternative to let loose at parties. At least like a get together with friends or families. You don’t have to be the only one wasting money at all these events you go to. Can talk to some friends and can all spare money to your guy’s plans.

Nathaniel Castro (12) says, “Forsure go to the beach because its a must when your in spring break. I would probably rent a beach house too so I can just wake up with many activities and with an amazing view. Six Flags do the best rides and never fail to bring me down. To me, Six Flags is MY “Happiest Place on Earth.”