There’s No Escaping This Cursed Failure


Gilbert Quinones, staff writer

Is she crazy or is she telling the truth? Winchester is a thriller, suspense, and horror movie directed by brothers Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig, and is inspired by true events.

                The Winchester House is an old mystery house located in San Jose, California and is owned by Ms. Winchester, heiress to the haunted house. The Winchester House supposedly is the most haunted place in the world. It was built by Sarah Winchester, stands at seven stories, and has over a hundred rooms.

                Rumor has it Sarah was building a prison to keep out the unrestless souls who were killed and seeking vengeance. Apparently these spirits would stop at nothing to wipe out the Winchester family and finally be at peace.                                 Horrified by haunts, Ms. Winchester invites a troubling doctor to investigate the house, Dr. Eric Price, played by Jason Clarke, and soon uncovers the horrifying truth about the house.

                Winchester, ultimately, was a flop. Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an 11% rating (3.9/10) on their tomatometer, and sadly, I agree. The movie failed in what could have been a good movie, but it fails to scare. From the boring storyline to the cliché and not very scary jump-scares, it was about as thrilling as your grandma’s flashbacks.

                The only good thing about this movie are the actors Helen Mirren, who plays Ms. Winchester and Jason Clarke, who plays Dr. Eric Price. They did a fantastic job but they couldn’t save this flop. Elizabeth Flores, junior, says “Winchester was probably one of the worst “horror” movies Ive ever seen, it wasn’t scary and was just boring in general.”