They Can Hear You Now


Alina Velo, staff writer

The government and hackers listen to your everyday conversations. With the smart phones that we’re surrounded by everyday, there is always someone listening. Audio signals are used to track your activities across your device. The more research being done on you, through your phone the easier it is to advertise to you.
We use “assistant intelligence” like siri, and google assistant to search for answers, set reminders, and even send out messages. We have settings that share our locations, and record our voices, potentially giving someone or something access to your very personal device. Companies have a method of applying algorithms to look for patterns and our interests. Many people fail to realize that a lot more is told through your searchings and audio recordings than just your curiosity.
I’ve always been suspicious as to whether or not someone can access my personal information. There has even been strange events that are too perfect to be a coincidence. Such as the way Kimberly Lopez (11) was advertised a game, when asking a friend for any fun games to download. It’s all one big technology conspiracy theory.