You Are What You Drink

Bethany Ruiz, staff writer

Claims have been made that drinking about eight glasses of water a day will positively contribute to your skin’s complexion. If your skin isn’t getting a sufficient amount of water then the lack of hydration will show in your complexion. Certain toxins in the body can cause the skin to inflame resulting in clogged pores and acne, but drinking water will help flush those toxins out and reduce the risk of acne.
Your body is made up of about sixty percent of water and large quantities of it are lost throughout the day from your body, so it’s important to replace what was lost. Drinking adequate amounts of water daily is important for overall good health because water aids in digestion, circulation, absorption, and excretion. Other reasons to drink water include: fluid balance in your body, calorie control, kidney function, helps with symptoms of dehydration, keeps things flowing in your body, and aids in recovering from sickness.
However, the water you drink will reach all of the other organs in the body before it reaches the skin, so don’t just rely on drinking water to help your skin. Meaning that you should regularly apply moisturizers to your face, use sunscreen to avoid sun damage, find products that work best for your skin type, and refrain from touching your face at all because germs are everywhere. It also won’t be an instantaneous change in appearance, you have to make and stick to a facial care routine along with regularly drinking water or else you won’t see a change.
Although many believe water has the ability to transform your skin, there’s a lack of research to back this idea up. Such studies are rare because water isn’t patented and it’s hard to find anyone to fund this type of research when there will be no product produced to sell to repay the costs. Though there’s not much research to back it up, almost two years ago I cut all drinks besides water out of my diet along with maintaining a skincare routine, and I’ve definitely seen a change in my skin. I never had severe acne so it didn’t seem like a major change and it definitely isn’t perfect, but now I rarely get breakouts, my pores are smaller, and my body doesn’t feel sluggish.