Best Ways To Get Rid of That Unwanted Hair

Tony Trujio, staff writer

With spring approaching, it is now when people start thinking about the usually uncomfortable thought of hair removal. Everyone does it—at least to a certain degree—so it is probably best to at least give it some thought. With so many methods to remove hair, such as waxing, shaving, hair removal creams, and so on, I believe that shaving is the best overall method. That doesn’t mean that shaving is necessarily the most effective method but rather it gives you the best results with the least amount of compromises. This is most apparent when compared to the other most popular alternative:
Starting with waxing, what I like to call the masochist method, is likely the most well known along side shaving. Waxing involves applying hot wax to the skin and removing it, thus pulling out the hair with it.
This actually has several benefits over shaving. For one, it leaves a much cleaner result than shaving could ever achieve because you are quite literally tearing out the hair from the root, while shaving only removes the skin’s surface. The other pro is that removing the hair at the root also makes it take on average two to six weeks to regrow, so you are smooth for all that time, while shaving regrow immediately.
Waxing does have plenty of downsides though. For one, you need a certain pain tolerance to get through your hair being yanked out (although it gets better after waxing several times because it grows back thinner).
Also, it can get pretty expensive. It can cost around $40-80 depending on the area waxed and where you get it waxed. So waxing several areas of your body can rack up a pretty bill. The other con is that you need some hair regrowth for waxing to actually work. So if you planned to wax your legs for instance, you need to grow it out for about at least a quarter inch for the wax to be able to actually attach to it, which may be problematic. Finally, ingrown hairs is a possibly as well.
The other popular method involves applying cream which which weaken the hair follicle and then you can simply wipe it away. This method is great for simple and quick results at home. Best of all, this method is relatively inexpensive, costing you around $10 for a tube of the stuff.
However, the creams aren’t all meant for everyone as they can irritate those with sensitive skin. Also, the creams have a really bad odor which can give headaches. It can also have a burning sensation sometimes (especially when doing the bikini line). This process is also a bit messier than shaving.
With that said, shaving is definitely far from perfect. First, regrowth occurs very quickly because the hair is only removed at skin level. Also, cuts and nicks can occur when shaving. Lastly, ingrown hair is also very much likely. However, despite that, shaving offers a practical and inexpensive solution to hair removal. It’s cheaper and hurts far less than waxing and it doesn’t smell bad like using cream. It’s overall the most practical solution.