Drinking Yourself Into an Early Grave


Ashely Perez, staff writer

Do you drink energy drinks to keep you awake? Maybe it’s time to look for a better alternative. Energy drinks have been Linked to the sudden death of young people, from cardiac problems. These drinks contain potentially harmful ingredients, one being caffeine.
Recent studies have shown that overdosing on caffeine can cause heart problems, convulsions, and death. This is one of the world’s most common drugs. Even though energy drinks contain less caffeine than coffee, they also contain 54 grams of sugar and high levels of taurine. This can cause a dangerously low drop in blood pressure.
Not so long ago, 25-year old Anton Omelin, was found dead in his bathroom and his family sued all the energy drink companies that linked to his death. According to his wife, he would drink Red Bull, NOS and Monster on the regular, consuming at least four 16 ounce cans a day. In the lawsuit, the family argued that the cans didn’t come with sufficient warning about the damage they could cause. Apparently many people had no clue that drinking energy drinks in excess could even kill you. Senior Christian Rodrguez (12) said “I think that it’s scary because I always drink energy drinks but never thought that they could actually kill me.”
This should be a warning for those who enjoy drinking an excess amount of these energy drinks. Try cutting off the energy drinks from your life, instead replace it with