One Squeeze Away from Satisfaction

Ashely Perez, staff writer

Pimples, one of the worst things in a teens life that doesn’t ever seem to go away. Whether you end up crying over them or ignoring them all together, the urge to squeeze seems uncontrollable.
When you look in a mirror and see a big zit on your face looking like it’s ready to pop, all you can think of is “squeeze it out”. We’ve been taught how bad it is to pop pimples or even touch them. There may be some relief from watching doctor pimple popper dig out the goo from monster sized zits. We get some sort of rush when watching those videos just waiting for whatever is inside to pop out.
Popping your pimple may be addicting, but it can also damage your skin. It can lead to having a red spot on your face or worse, a scar that could have been prevented if it wasn’t touched. Bacteria from the pimple is being pushed in instead of out also bacteria on your finger causi ng infection.
While a dermatologist is definitely the right choice to keep skin safe, there’s no denying out desire to binge watch the pop-the gooer -the better. You tube is intensely satisfying for those of us who need to resist squeezing our own problems away.
Go ahead live through the cyst removals and blackhead extractions if it keeps your hands off your face.