Prom and All the Works

Valerie Ramos, staff writer

Prom, a tradition that every high school should have. The time in the student’s entire academic life to let loose with their classmates that they’ve known for numerous of years. There are many things to looking forward to, especially while the year is coming to an end. Usually for the senior class. Let’s get straight to it, nothing beats homecoming proposals other than Prom-posals. It’s one of the traditions that seniors have been picking up. It’s fascinating to see each of the seniors trying to have the superior Prom-posal. Prom-posals are a must, this is the most important tradition to be set, these aren’t only important to the person being asked, but a huge load comes from the person asking the question. There are things that are followed up after the big prom-posal, after comes the corsage and then the ideal set of prom pictures.
Corsage are made up of flowers and you can really just make your own to simplify it and not buy an overpriced flower. There’s a set for the male to wear the flower on his suit jacket while the female wears the corsage on their wrist. Typically, the corsage correlates to what you choose to wear, but at the end of the day it’s your decision what color you want the flower to be.
Of course after you and your date have gotten together and began to start making your way towards prom. That’s around the time to find a site to take the ideal prom pictures. I would prefer to hire a photographer, because they’ll know exactly what they would be doing. It’s going to be the worst if you choose to have your portraits taken by your mom’s Android phone. You don’t want to regret passing up the opportunity of getting a professional to take your pictures. Don’t look back and think of your pictures being a mistake. This is also such a great part of your life and its needed, you don’t want to look back in your memory book in your head, you want to be able to physically have the item.
The final tradition, SEX. Is it just made up from movies and TV shows to have intercourse with your prom date? I believe not, if the thought of having sex is frequently brought up in movies and TV shows it’s almost a fact and not made up. After talking to many students they say that of course it’s going to happen. “I’m expecting for them to also say yes to sex when they yes to my prom-posal.”-Anonymous. I would also like to side with them, that also has to go with a big reason why their prom-pos