Twins are Double the Pressure and Double the Fun


Summer Martinez, staff writer

We grow up thinking we are all unique individuals both genetically and environmentally. We are those perfect human snoflakes with none of us exactly alike (excepting twins of course). Statistically, there are approximately seven people in the world who look exactly like you. There is even a website called Twin Strangers where you can pay to find your doppelganger. All you have to do is submit a passport style image of your face and wait to see who they match you with.
There is also a Youtube channel called Twin Strangers that documents the interactions of two people who look exactly alike from around the world.
Despite the theories that say it is bad luck to run into your doppelganger because it is considered a forewarning of death, most find it comforting to know there is another one like you out there in the world. After all one may be a mistake but two was on purpose.
While these twin strangers often have little in common other than physical appearance, their reunion seems to reinforce the connectivity of life.
The universe works in mysterious ways and this goes to show that we are not as unique as all those inspirational quotes say we are when it comes to appearance.