What are the Odds?


Shirley Ramirez, staff writer

Being lucky is one of the biggest wishes that anyone has. The possibility of finding a four leaf clover is 1 in 10,000.
For instance, winning the lottery is almost impossible. You have better chances of getting killed in a plane crash than winning the lottery. Some things just seem impossible to do.
“I do believe that if you miraculously find a four leaf clover because it’s a one in ten thousand chance of finding it. Even if you find it, it’s already going to be good luck because you found one four leaf clover,” freshman Anyssa Serrano said.
Sometimes it’s not good luck. You might get killed in a car crash, but that’s one in 88. You will probably die in a car crash before you get eaten by a shark. Or you might get struck by lightning. But the possibility of getting struck by lightning is 1 in 79,746. You will more likely get a heart disease than get struck by lightning. “
“To me, I feel like the possibility of things isn’t about luck, but about the time and place. Like, if you were walking to school while there was a rain storm. You won’t think that your going to get hit by lightning but you could. It just depends on the time and place your doing something,” sophomore Adriana Dominguez said.