Alumni Sid Garcia Comes Home to Show His Oly Pride

Former Bassett High School Olympian, Sid Garcia, a successful Channel 7 News Reporter returned to La Puente, leaving inspiration and a sense of pride for our Alma Mater in his wake.
On Tuesday August 15, students in ASB, HOSA, cheerleading, and marching band woke early to perform on the Channel 7 News in front of the Donut Hole.
While Olympian Marching Band played, Drum Major Victoria Sanchez allowed Garcia to conduct “Twist and Shout.” He put on the white shako and conducted as best as he could remember. The band and cheerleaders performed, while Sid’s cameraman continued to air these moments on TV.
ASB represented themselves in their T-shirts while HOSA proudly wore their uniforms. Though they didn’t get to speak they stood proud to represent Bassett on television.
“Personally, I feel
like it was a very eye opening experience. It was a good opportunity because I was able to see a successful past alumni, sadid” Catherine Jaime (11)
A few days later, Mr. Fernandez announced that Sid Garcia was on campus
He visited classes such as ASB and journalism, sharing his story to success and tips. Students in these classes prepared questions to ask him beforehand. Things like his journey to become an ABC 7 journalist, and what this job is like were answered during his time here.
Most surprising were Garcia’s accounts of past Homecoming celebrations, a forgotten Olympian march and the sparks of reaching a new generation of Olympians.