Bassett Introduces One to One Devices into Sophomore Education

Lauren Barkey, News Editor

Last year 11th grade English classes got class sets of Lenovos to prepare them for the SBAC. This year the one to one digital roll out began so that all tenth grade students received their own device. The one to one roll out will continue at tenth grade each year so that this year’s freshmen will receive their own devices as they become sophomores.

The students will turn in the devices at the end of the year like a textbook, but they will be reissued that device each year until they turn it in forever at the end of their senior year. That device will then be recycled through to an elementary school.

Students were encouraged to buy the insurance for the devices. They are required to bring the computers to school daily, keep them charged, and use them as their teacher requests.
With the English curriculum completely digital, the students are able to complete almost all assignments and assessments online.

Along with the Lenovo, the students received their own carrying case to prevent bumps and drops from breaking their new sensitive digital device.

While there have been connectivity issues and the learning curve with new technology is steep, students and staff are excited about embracing the new tech.

Three training sessions with tech TOSAs have helped teachers integrate the devices into curriculum.