Guitar Hits all the Right Notes

Clarissa Torres, Writer

Beginner Guitar enrolls 37 excited musicians. With six string nylon acoustic guitars at the ready, Mr. Gutierrez teaches through music books, online videos, and small groups.

One day, Mr. Guiterrez was looking through a catalog of old photos when he noticed there used to be a guitar class back in the day. He recalled his old college music director saying that they should adopt music programs that embrace the culture and students’ interests.

With his these words in mind, Mr. Gutierrez realized Beginning band was not a class many students had interest in so, he decided to replace it with guitar class to try something cool, different, and captivating.
Mr. Guiterrez is planning for the class to perform a few Christmas songs at the winter concert.
He hopes for more classical pieces to be played at the spring concert and has determined that the Mother’s Day concert will feature music chose by the student’s themselves.

“The best part of guitar class is learning the proper way to play the guitar and Mr. Guiterrez make learning pretty fun,” says Rubi Owens (11).

The guitar class is open to all students interested in taking it. Mr. Guiterrez is considering opening two guitar classes for next year. He has also thought of offering a guitar class with two different levels in one.
One thing is for sure, next year, to secure a spot, owning a guitar helps increase your chance of getting in the class, just in case there are not enough guitars for everyone.