Students Shred Hate with the LA Dodgers

Lauren Barkey, News Editor

The Los Angeles Dodgers proudly take part in the bully prevention initiative Shred Hate and on Friday, September 21st Bassett High School was invited to join the initiative at the Dodgers Stadium.

Students were given a first come, first serve offer to free tickets to the baseball game. One student bully preventer was even provided with a VIP experience.

Janeli Soto, the ASB president had the opportunity to personally meet players from the Dodgers team on the field during batting practice.

She also met an owner of the team itself, Billie Jean King, former World No. 1 professional tennis player, who gave her advice on leadership.

“It was a new experience and I was able to bond with my friends and other kids from the district.” – Janeli Soto (12)

Janeli shared this expereince with a few of her friends. They left right after school and the hype built as they set out for the game. While Soto spent time on the field, her friends Andrea Lopez (12), Joanna Vasquez (12), and Giselle Ramirez (12) explored the stadium.

A few familar faces were spotted in the crowd as well. It was clear that Olympian spirit followed even out of the school on this day.

Among the crowd of hundreds of people, Soto and her friends recognized a few Olympian faces like Mr. McCandliss and Ms. Henderson. Janeli even spotted one of her Link Crew freshman.

“Seeing the people from Bassett come together at this type of an event is really cool, I enjoyed seeing the familiar faces,” – Desiree Alvarado (12)

Although the Dodger’s did not win this game, the experience was still a great memory made by the Olympian’s who attended.

The no bully initiative is a district-wide program so the Dodger event was attended by students and families from all of the Bassett schools.