A First for Everything

Dayanara Flores, Writer

Many people haven’t done or eaten things that an average person would have already done. Like for example, Hillary Clinton’s former aide said “Hillary eats jalapeños like potato chips”. Also due to having many allergies Ringo Starr has never eaten pizza.
I asked Angel Celis (9), what hasn’t he eaten? He said “ I have haven’t eaten an Oreo. Yes many people found that very shocking but an Oreo doesn’t sound that appealing to me. Everyone says to try one at some point, I will, just not right now”.
Celis continues, “I really don’t know why people think it is so good, it really just is to chocolate cookies with some white vanilla made in to a sandwich”.
I also asked Odalys Gomez (11), what she has never eaten before and she said “I never eaten a pineapple before, it just looks scary for some reason. It doesn’t sound that good and it looks kind of gross.”
Gomez continues “ I have probably never eaten a pineapple before because when my little cousin kept eating it, she started to cry because her tongue felt like it was fire.That really scared me so maybe that’s why I never even tried it”.
I interviewed Destiny Espinoza (9) and she said “ I have never been to Disneyland before, which is a big thing for me because I love roller coasters and theme parks. I have always wanted to go but my family and I just never had the time”.
Espinoza continues “ I also hear a lot of the downsides of Disneyland like their long lines and how everything is crazy expensive there, but I would love to go just to see and experience something new with of course my family”.
Last but not least I interviewed Jackie Luna (9) .She said “ I have never been into a pool before because ever since I was little they have always scared me, I don’t know why, maybe because I never learned how to swim.None of my family has a pool but I would really like to go inside a pool just to know how it feels because I’ve already been to the beach but it isn’t the same as a pool ”.
Not everyone has done or eaten everything in existence. There will always be an experience waiting for you. Hopefully you will go out and try something new like skydiving; even jusr trying new foods can be an exhilarating experience.